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45L Denali Duffel
Colorado Mike
Great bag for the weekend trips

I had a couple laptop bags from Kodiak and after about a year of daily carry they are still fantastic. Went on a weekend getaway with my old leather bag that I’ve had for 20 years and realized it was time to upgrade to a Kodiak!
Just went for a 4 day with my new 45L Denali and also it’s matching laptop bag and couldn’t be happier!! Great bag as expected!!!
At least 10 people commented and asked where I got it, couldn’t have been happier to recommend Kodiak, and after letting several people get hands on with it and making sure they knew the price points you should be getting orders soon!!
Great products Kodiak! Thank you from your neighbor in Colorado!

Quality, Quality, Quality

Have been using cheap duffel bags all my life. I felt it was time to spend more than $20 on a bag so I started searching. I came across the Kodiak 25L Denali and decided to spend the money. I can not be more satisfied. The quality of the material and craftsmanship is exceptional. Highly recommend!

Great bag!

Very pleased with the Pilot bag I purchase. Nice and roomy. Especially happy with the ease of snapping the handle straps.

It's a great wallet

Second piece I've purchased from Kodiak. Just great quality. Beautifully manufactured. Very impressive product. I'm kind of addicted to Kodiak!

LIMITED EDITION - Yukon 60L Weekender Duffel

Excellent Craftsmanship

Wanted a gorgeous looking bag that was quality made. Absolutely happy with my purchase.

JPJett review

Love all the products I have purchased to this point, great quality and service.

James Jett

Denali Gear Pouch
Michael Trombetta
Denali gear pouch rocks

I bought this pouch to give myself some extra stylish ability to cart my computer around. I have a dell 15 inch computer. It does barely fit in it and provides a good cover and protection for my computer and charger. It also allows me to bring some paperwork. Just enough for a meeting without lugging around a backpack. Very classy and stylish. I would like to see it just a bit bigger compartment fir the computer

45L Denali Duffel
David Santoro

This bag is as beautiful and rugged as it appears. One improvement would be for the inner liner to be lightly colored so that items can be easily seen.

45L Denali Duffel
Cody Clifton

I travel quite often on little overnights and this bag works fantastic. Fits nicely into carry-on compartments and looks great. I have received many compliments in the first few usages.

Great bag!

Love the look, versatility, and durability of this handsome bag! The ONLY wish I have is a built in ( small) clip for my truck/ house keys as I prefer to secure them in my bag vs in my pocket ( where they could get lost) on multi day trips.

60L Weekender Duffel
William Mcalister


Wallet is great but the ID window covers DOB and the picture when ID is turned. This wallet is so much more comfortable than my hold one, it fits perfect in my front pocket.

25L Augustine Duffel
Gustavo F Garcia
Better than I expected

Seriously, the quality, size, feel, function of this duffel is FANTASTIC!
I will definitely purchase another item in the future.....!

45L Denali Duffel
Brian Terwilliger
Very Impressed

High quality. Very happy with the pockets and design. Perfect size.


Love my purchase! Great quality!

Terrific Products

We've ordered several products from Kodiak and love the quality. We give them as gifts. Our only issue is that the company site does not have an option for a gift receipt.

25L Denali Canvas Duffel

Man Purse

I was seeking a purse, murse, bag, whatever it might be called, for a man, to empty all my pockets and chose this Leather Purse. I replaced the tassels on the zippers with stainless key chain rings to make it a bit more 'manly' or unisex and it works great. Leather quality and construction is perfect. Function is spot on. Maybe you will consider such minor changes and market for men in your product line.

Buffalo Leather Messenger
Marcos Cisneros
Best customer service and the bag is pure quality!

This is one of the only companies that actually reach out and care about their customers! I recently ordered the wrong color and expressed it through a review open parentheses (I had made the mistake of choosing the wrong color) they immediately reached out to me and offered me an apology for some thing that they did not do. They offered to send me the darker color that I had wanted, this Only shows how great of a company they are! I will be buying another bag for my brother just because of how amazing their generosity is! I would totally recommend Kodiak leather! They are bags are so amazing and the quality is unmatchable!

Awesome Wallet

Best wallet I’ve purchased.

Sitka Leather Messenger
Richard Waters
Awesome bag!

Couldn't be happier with the quality of my new messenger bag! Tons of storage and even has features that I didn't expect, like a strap to hold it on my roller bag!

Buffalo Leather Pilot Bag
Charles Latchison
Great Product

Love at first sight

60L Weekender Duffel
Erick Fields

Love this bag. It’s beautiful and fantastically designed. Ageless. Timeless.

Travel Journal - Large
Siobhan Mcgriff
Beautiful Journal

I purchased to collect my recipes in. Stunning craftsmanship