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Kodiak Leather Co.

Rugged leather goods,
built to last.

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We stamp a Lifetime Warranty on everything we sell.
End of story.

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All of our leather products are designed to look good year in and year out.

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Made with Quality

Everything we make, is made by hand.

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Kodiak isn't just about selling products, and it's much more than just a word. Kodiak is a family run and operated business. We pride ourselves on heirloom quality leather pieces that you can pass on to your children, and they can pass on to theirs. We started hand-crafting and selling our first products from home. They're still made with care by hand from world class artisans, and we inspect every piece before it's shipped to you. We're passionate about people, and we're passionate about leather.

"Not one trip have I not gotten at least one - "love your bag" comment... It's a head turning, very functional piece of luggage.”

- Tom B.